Thursday, October 22, 2009

Two Jags and the "Landed Gentry"

John Prescott descends to class-warfare (read the article in the Independent on Tuesday)- a sure sign that he is losing the argument.

Having traveled round many parts of Britain where people oppose wind farms, I can assure him that many of the people he talks about are very far from being "landed gentry". They come in all sorts: rich, poor and middling, young, middle-aged and old, country dwellers, and town dwellers who love the countryside too. One thing unites them, a love of the countryside and the natural environment, and a dislike of a government and political class that seeks to destroy our most precious heritage, for such little benefit.

And, as is pointed out in the "Comments" to the Independent article (do scroll down through them if you can), in some parts of Britain it is the "landed gentry" who want to impose wind farms on their neighbourhoods, against the wishes of their tenants and/or neighbours...

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