Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wind farms for cash - let's hope Eric Pickles sees where this is leading.

There has been talk of the Tory Party "love-bombing" the Lib Dems in order to win seats in the South West. Do they not realise that popular Lib Dems such as Nick Harvey (North Devon) have gained votes by standing up against wind turbines in their constituencies? People in the South West love their countryside, and do not want it to be destroyed by giant wind turbines that, far from giving us energy security, will leave us more vulnerable to black-outs. This article in the Western Morning News could make many people in the South West who had thought of voting Conservative change their minds.

Some of them will vote UKIP now - as the comments suggest. To save C02 emissions we need a serious and sensible energy policy - and so far UKIP is the only party that has this. Many individual MPS from all parties understand this, why is UKIP the only party whose leaders understand this as well?

Remember this posting last year? Nigel Farage UKIP leader holds a balloon saying "Say No to wind turbines" In the photograph, he is standing with Steve Crowther, who will be the UKIP candidate in North Devon. Steve is currently at odds of 100-1 to win the North Devon Seat: it might be worth a flutter.

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