Friday, September 10, 2010

Before the turbines arrive

This video, embedded below, is the first of several video clips from a walk I took last March, up on the hills between Barnstaple and Ilfracombe. These hills will soon be turned into the Fullabrook Down Wind Power Station, so this is a "before" video. I have not made many videos, and I apologise for the many wobbles and poor sound quality, but even so I hope it, and the next two that will follow, will give you some idea of what this area is like. As I keep commenting on each of the videos, this is one of the quietest areas of North Devon: the roads are silent and empty, as you can see.
On the day, I had taken a bus up to Muddiford and Milltown, and then walked up past Marwood School to Gipsy Corner. This first video was made as I walked on towards Middle Marwood and Patsford, and the tree lined valley that you can see is the one that leads towards Whitehall. I was walking on towards the hamlet of Patsford, which will be ringed from above by giant turbines.

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