Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Blackcraig Hill by Patricia McCrow

On February 12th 2004, I was invited up to to Dumfries and Galloway, and, along with the GLARE group of artists and Professor David Bellamy, we launched the Artists Against Wind Farms website.

The watercolour above was painted by a wonderful lady called Patricia McCrow. She had lived below Blackcraig for many years, and loved the hill, as so many people do. That day in February was a very cold one, but, although she was 82, she insisted on coming outside with the rest of us as we sketched Blackcraig Hill, on our first "Paint it while it's there day."

She said "The hills would never forgive me if I did not fight to save them."
Since that day, she has sadly passed away.

This month, the Scottish Government has approved a 69 MW 23 turbine wind farm on Blackcraig. The only word that can be used to describe this is vandalism.

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