Saturday, April 2, 2011

Re whales and wind farms

We linked to a Press Report in mid March concerning whales and wind turbines. The Press Report was incorrect and the scientific paper that was mentioned in it did not mention wind farms.

Here is the correction on

More information here as well:

We are sorry to have linked (in good faith) to an incorrect Press Report. We do however think that there remains a strong possibility that whales could be disturbed by turbine noise. Obviously, proving this is not easy.

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Andy B. said...

To be honest, if you read the last paragraph in the correction, it does not deny that Prof. Boyd said turbines can/are responsible for whales ending up on a beach.

It says:

"The professor said a quotation attributed to him in a press release issued by the university, which discussed strandings related to sonar emissions from naval vessels and which suggested renewable energy sources also contributed to the disturbance of whales, had been taken out of context."

So, the quote was taken out of context.

Which is best unravelled as: Prof Boyd got a pasting from the Geography Department at St Andrews, a notorious propaganda outfit for wind...

No UK academic would risk publicly going against wind power! Your job, grants prospects, research leave allocation would all be threatened...