Friday, May 6, 2011

Today in Barnstaple, Devon

Today in Barnstaple, by the new Taw Bridge. Yet another convoy of turbine blades....
Incidentally, for anyone living in North Devon who hasn't seen them yet, the first few turbines are already visible from the road between Instow and Yelland, on the south side of the Taw Estuary (the white cottage in the photograph heading this blog is on the northern side of the Estuary, opposite Yelland)
To see more of the effects the Fullabrook Down Wind farm is having on once secluded Devon hills, go to this link on the website

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Devonian said...

I find the turbines very handsome and indeed artistic. :-) It's really exciting to see them finally going up and North Devon doing it's bit against Climate Change. If you weren't so dogmatic and closeminded you might actually learn to love them! (like it or lump it springs to mind...)