Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fullabrook Noise

This photograph was taken earlier this week, on a calm day.

Martin Hesp has spoken to people on Fullabrook and this is his article:

Here is a quote from Martin's article:

"Sue Pike's bungalow is just 600 metres from one of the 110-metre turbines at the new wind-farm and she says: "It is dreadful – the main sound is like a huge great cement mixer going around – then you get the loud whoosh and also whistles and hums."

On the day that I took the photograph above, there was very little wind. It was possible to stand near the turbines, and hear the birds singing. You could hear the turbines as they turned - slowly - and the person who was with me said he could understand how the noise could become irritating, despite the fact that it wasn't loud. But I am happy to state that on this day, when there was very little wind, the turbines were not very noisy. In fact, later, I spoke to several people who live on these hills, and they each said what a relief it was that the turbines were quiet that day.

As in this article, those who support the wind industry often say that they have stood near turbines and heard nothing. What is sad is that when they say this, they are betraying their ignorance of the subject.

I can understand why the Wind Industry doesn't want to admit that there is such a thing as wind-turbine syndrome, but it is hard to understand why members of our local Green party seem to close their minds to this problem, especially when Green activists in other parts of the world such as Denmark and the USA are facing danger and arrest as they protest against the environmental damage caused by "Big Wind."

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