Wednesday, November 16, 2011


This photograph was taken on a calm clear day near the end of October.
I was up on the hills again today with another campaigner. The weather was very different. It was misty, and many of the turbines, even some very close to us, were barely visible as they were shrouded with white mist or low-lying cloud. At times the turbines would vanish behind the cloud, and then emerge again, sometimes only partly visible, so that you could see the mast, and perhaps parts of the lower blades.

There were no lights that we could see, and we could not help worrying about the safety of the numerous helicopters that fly to and fro across this area, sometimes from Chivenor Air Base, sometimes rescuing people from the sea or cliffs, or transporting them to North Devon Hospital.

There are so many health and safety issues regarding this wind farm that do not seem to have been taken seriously into account when this wind farm was passed. So many of the turbines are far too close to roads, or footpaths, or the homes of people who live on these hills, or in the valleys below the turbines.

The Caithness Wind Farm Information Forum gives lists of accidents caused by wind turbines, although as they say their list is probably only the "tip of the iceberg."

Christine Lovelock

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