Thursday, December 1, 2011

Deeping St. Nicholas, Lincolnshire

"A couple have settled a High Court damages action against the owners and operators of a wind farm they say drove them from their farmhouse home with its "unbearable" noise."

A further quote from this article:

"Both sides said in a joint press release: ''The terms of that settlement are strictly confidential, and the parties will not be answering any questions about the terms of that agreement.''

The case was described as being of general importance because hundreds of other families say they have suffered similar disturbance from wind farms up and down the country."

Jane and Julian Davis have suffered great stress over a number of years and we hope that this settlement will give them a chance to rebuild their lives.

To understand more about cases such as theirs, it is worth reading Dr. Sarah Laurie's statement to the Scottish National Wind Farm Conference, at this link on EPAW:

Here is an excerpt from part of Dr. Laurie's statement, as shown in full on the EPAW website:

"There are now hundreds of case reports which I am personally aware of in Australia, the UK, Europe, Canada, the US, and New Zealand. I have interviewed over 90 people in Australia alone who have been seriously affected – some have left their homes, some their farms as well.

Some have signed confidentiality agreements, in exchange for being bought out, in order to regain their health. Trish Godfrey from Australia and Barb Ashbee from Canada, are two women in this situation, where their stories are now out in the public domain. I know them both, and they have suffered greatly, as have their families. There are many others, as the practice is global. It is my opinion that the ONLY reason for this practice of secrecy clauses has been to keep these health problems out of the public view, and hence out of the view of public health authorities and researchers, although the industry claims otherwise."

Please read the whole of the statement if you can.

You can go also to the Waubra Foundation website for more information:

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