Monday, May 13, 2013

Batsworthy Cross near Exmoor

 No local community could have fought harder to stop the Batsworthy Cross Wind farm - so much for the government's talk of Localism. Virtually the only supporters the Wind Farm had were a few members of the North Devon Green Party (mostly from 20 or 30 miles away) and this is how their Party was rewarded for its support of the Wind Farm in the recent South Molton Rural Council Election results (this is the area that includes Batsworthy Cross)

L'Anne Knight (Green Party, Rule Six Party supporting the Wind Farm at the Public Inquiry) 90 votes.

J. Yabsley (Conservative who voted against the wind farm at the North Devon Council Planning Committee meeting)                                                                                                                1419 votes

B Hockin (UKIP -who were a Rule Six party against the wind farm at the Public Inquiry)       696 votes

When is David Cameron going to start listening to the people who live in the countryside, instead of "Green" lobbyists for the Wind Industry? Even popular Conservative and Lib Dem Councillors who have opposed local wind farms must know that their votes will carry on haemorraging away, unless David Cameron and Nick Clegg think again on this issue. Most UKIP candidates were standing for the first time, and many had little time to campaign, but they polled way ahead of the Greens all across North Devon and Torridge.   More and more wind farm campaigners - whatever party they may have voted for previously - are beginning to vote for UKIP,  the only party that has a leader who is not afraid to say it as it is about Big Wind.

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