Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Exmoor ,The Two Moors campaign and Oswaldtwistle Moor , Lancashire

News from the The Two Moors Campaign that their website has just been updated - do have a look for latest news about the campaign to protect the southern fringes of Exmoor. The website includes a summary of David Cocks QC's Closing Submission at the Three Moors and Bickham Moor Public Inquiry.

There is information about the Oswaldtwistle Moor wind Farm (see last night's posting, below) on the website run by Belthorne Village, in Lancashire, go to www.belthornvillage.co.uk and click on the windfarm link. More about artist Catherine Kaufman coming in a day or two.

More about Two Moors artists John Wary and Gill Cronk and the area on this page: www.artistsagainstwindfarms.com/walks/queens-exhibition/two-moors-folder/two-moors.html
This page (made in 2007, being updated soon) from Christine Lovelock's walk round Devon wind farm sites) includes walks around The Two Moors area, plus walks on the Two Moors way down to North Tawton.

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