Sunday, December 13, 2009

Government suppresses researchers recommendation about turbine noise

This photograph shows a blimp flying at the height of the turbines (there will be 9 of them)
The base of the turbines will be in the valley below the land in the foreground, from where the photograph was taken.

Almost at the same time as we learned that the Inspector had allowed the developer's appeal and granted planning permission for the Den Brook wind turbines close to Dartmoor, the news broke that officials in the Department of Energy and Climate Change had suppressed a recommendation by its own consultants to tighten current wind turbine noise regulations.

Why? According to this article, when researchers recommended that a revision of the night-time absolute noise criterion should be considered, a government official noted concern that this would impede wind farm development, and the final report removed any suggestions of cutting the noise limits. Read the article by Jonathan Leake and Harry Byford in The Sunday Times

You can read the full set of documents on - they are available for download here.

The Sunday Telegraph takes this up too: Wind turbine noise warnings were dismissed by civil servants

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