Thursday, May 30, 2013

David Bellamy's Blog

"Being close to and caring for the natural environment has always been close to my heart, and it has had a profound effect on my life. Whatever life throws at me it is always to the countryside that I turn to restore my health, my balance and to recharge the incredible energy I derive from just being out there. This is especially so of the mountains and wild places. It gives meaning to my paintings and keeps me in touch with reality when much of the world is in turmoil.
It goes without saying that when such places are threatened by inappropriate development that I naturally feel the need to spring to their defence, and sadly never before have such threats been so potentially devastating as we now see unfolding before our eyes. Much of my work has had to be put aside so that I can protest about what is now happening in Wales, and indeed much of Britain..."

Go to David's Blog to read more of what he has to say about the horrific plans to put 800 or more wind turbines across the wild and beautiful mountains and countryside of Wales. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Monday, May 13, 2013

Batsworthy Cross near Exmoor

 No local community could have fought harder to stop the Batsworthy Cross Wind farm - so much for the government's talk of Localism. Virtually the only supporters the Wind Farm had were a few members of the North Devon Green Party (mostly from 20 or 30 miles away) and this is how their Party was rewarded for its support of the Wind Farm in the recent South Molton Rural Council Election results (this is the area that includes Batsworthy Cross)

L'Anne Knight (Green Party, Rule Six Party supporting the Wind Farm at the Public Inquiry) 90 votes.

J. Yabsley (Conservative who voted against the wind farm at the North Devon Council Planning Committee meeting)                                                                                                                1419 votes

B Hockin (UKIP -who were a Rule Six party against the wind farm at the Public Inquiry)       696 votes

When is David Cameron going to start listening to the people who live in the countryside, instead of "Green" lobbyists for the Wind Industry? Even popular Conservative and Lib Dem Councillors who have opposed local wind farms must know that their votes will carry on haemorraging away, unless David Cameron and Nick Clegg think again on this issue. Most UKIP candidates were standing for the first time, and many had little time to campaign, but they polled way ahead of the Greens all across North Devon and Torridge.   More and more wind farm campaigners - whatever party they may have voted for previously - are beginning to vote for UKIP,  the only party that has a leader who is not afraid to say it as it is about Big Wind.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Important Meeting for all who care about rural Devon

Dartmoor from North Tawton - this wonderful view is still threatened by nine giant wind turbines.

Here is a message from Muriel Goodman and Mike Hulme of the Den Brook Judicial Review Group

"You may already be aware that a fresh planning application was submitted April 19 to West Devon Borough Council (WDBC) by developers RES regarding the Den Brook Wind Farm. 

The application proposes significant changes to the hard-won noise conditions imposed by the Inspector on the planning approval in December 2009.  

The application number is 00393/2013.                                                                                                                                    
It can be viewed by putting the number into the online planning search:

It is the view of the Den Brook Judicial Review Group (DBJRG) that, if approved, RES's proposals would leave those living in the locality with neither proper nor adequate protection from potentially health damaging noise, particularly during night-times. We further believe this application confirms that the wind farm is not only poorly designed and inappropriately located but that construction of the wind farm is unlikely to be viable without the developer significantly changing the noise conditions.

The application contains a range of deceptively hidden and serious technical shortcomings and may be unlawful. Ideally, professionally backed representations need to be submitted to WDBC along with general comments from individuals. Professional expertise and legal advice will of course cost money. 

An open public meeting is therefore to be held Friday 10 May at 7:45pm at Nichols Nymet House, EX20 2BP - Tel: 01837 82626.

We apologise for the unavoidably short notice but very much hope that you will be able to attend the meeting. Your support is vital for the action necessary to defend the current noise conditions. 

Thank you for your continued support."