Friday, September 6, 2013

Parade against the Atlantic Array

Protesters near Barnstaple Square, before going to the Park Hotel for a Public Meeting.

More to come.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Atlantic Array

Slay The Array will be staging a parade through the centre of Barnstaple next Saturday, 31 August, at 11.00 am followed by a Public Meeting at 12pm, to alert the people of North Devon to the imminent threat from the Atlantic Array.
The Parade starts at the Civic Centre, and goes through central Barnstaple to the Square. The Public Meeting will be held at the Park Hotel, in Taw Vale, not very far from the Square.

For more information go to:

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Bird deaths under-estimated

"A new study just published in the United States has estimated that around 573,000 birds were killed by wind turbines in 2012 (including 83,000 birds of prey), in increase of 30 per cent on a previous estimate by the US fish and Wildlife Service in 2009. Bats are even worse hit, says author K Shawn Smallwood, and probably top 888,000 killed per year.

Clearly this has serious implications for the renewable energy industry, which bases much of its investment and publicity on the safety and environmental sustainability of the machines. Smallwood also believes his figures are underestimated, owing to the incompleteness if reports of bird and bat deaths from different states, in particular Texas."

This comes as no surprise. As someone commented to me the other day, up on Fullabrook Down, many buzzards, for example, are seen hovering above the turbines. It isn't that easy to stand on watch over 22 turbines, and we couldn't help wondering how many birds fall to the ground unnoticed, and are carried away by foxes overnight.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Slay the Array

Acceptance of planning application for UK's largest wind farm spells potential disaster for North Devon

Following the announcement that the Planning Inspectorate has accepted an applicationfrom Channel Energy Ltd to build the UK's largest offshore wind farm, consisting of 240 700-foot turbines, off the North Devon coast, Steve Crowther of campaign group Slay The Array said:

"North Devon is now in mortal danger.

"The jobs of one in six North Devonians depend on the visitors who come here fornature, tranquility and unspoilt views; a 10% fall in tourist numbers couldcost the area £30m a year.

"Our fish, birds and sea-mammals will be under threat, our fishermen out of work, and our shipping lanes an accident waiting to happen. Lundy will cease to exist as we know it.

"We face years of pile-driving, onshore construction and despoiling of the sea-bed, to build a massive white elephant producing intermittent electricity at three times the market cost.

"All this, in the second-best location for tidal power generation in the world!

"Tell everyone. We must fight this to the death."

For further information contact Steve Crowther,

Friday, July 5, 2013

Energy Swindle

"Politicians should be doing everything they can to limit the pressure on household energy bills. Instead they are adding to the amount that you are paying by promising fat subsidies to companies who invest in expensive sources of energy like onshore and offshore wind turbines. Offshore wind costs three times as much as conventional energy but the Government want us to use a lot more of it, even if that means more pressure on people’s finances and more jobs lost as industry is driven overseas."

These words were written by Matthew Sinclair, Chief Executive of the Taxpayers Alliance. The TPA have launched their Stop the Energy Swindle campaign at

Matthew Sinclair has also written a brilliant piece in the The Spectator titled "How the government's energy policies will benefit a rich sheik at the expense of the poor.

"How exactly have we got to a world in which Ministers are proud of signing a deal where poor families pay three times as much for their energy and the money is handed over in fat profits to an Emirati sheikhdom?" he asks.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Welshpool again

County Times Petition and Inquiry 2013 HD

Monday, June 24, 2013

Welshpool 2013 - UK National Anti-Wind Farm Conference

Struan Stevenson, MEP, speaks at the Welshpool Conference, along with other Conservative MPs

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wind Farms Gone Wild

Wind farm developments out of control and unjustified says wild land charity  

Scottish Wild Land Group calls for Independent Energy Commission and wild land designation

The Scottish Wild Land Group today published a special issue of its magazine, Wild Land News, dedicated to the issue of wind energy. The issue, ‘Wind farms gone wild: is the environmental damage justified?’, calls into question the Scottish Government’s focus on wind power as an effective method of tackling climate change. It suggests that far more needs to be done to protect Scotland’s communities, environments and landscapes from opportunistic development.

To read more, go to this page on the Artists Against Windfarms website: 

Monday, June 17, 2013

So Much Wind, by Struan Stevenson MEP

This is a timely and important book, coming when more and more people are beginning to realise the folly of the SNP’s plans to make Scotland the ‘Saudi Arabia of renewables’. It analyses the human, financial and environmental cost of wind turbines and shows how misguided current policy is. This should be compulsory reading for all national and local politicians, to encourage them to stop more wind turbines being erected; either that, or voters make the choice for them’ – Martin Livermore of the Scientific Alliance

Thought-provoking’ – Scottish Field

The Author:

Struan Stevenson  has served as a Conservative Euro MEP for Scotland since 1999. He is President of the Climate Change, Biodiversity and Sustainable Development Intergroup and Chairman of the European Parliament’s Delegation for Relations with Iraq. In 2010 he was appointed by the Organisation for Security and Cooperation Europe (OSCE) as a Personal Representative (Roving Ambassador) of the Chairman in Office (Kazakhstan) responsible for Ecology and Environment with a particular focus on Central Asia. His previous book, Stalin’s Legacy, was published in August 2012.

 For more information, go to this link.


Thursday, May 30, 2013

David Bellamy's Blog

"Being close to and caring for the natural environment has always been close to my heart, and it has had a profound effect on my life. Whatever life throws at me it is always to the countryside that I turn to restore my health, my balance and to recharge the incredible energy I derive from just being out there. This is especially so of the mountains and wild places. It gives meaning to my paintings and keeps me in touch with reality when much of the world is in turmoil.
It goes without saying that when such places are threatened by inappropriate development that I naturally feel the need to spring to their defence, and sadly never before have such threats been so potentially devastating as we now see unfolding before our eyes. Much of my work has had to be put aside so that I can protest about what is now happening in Wales, and indeed much of Britain..."

Go to David's Blog to read more of what he has to say about the horrific plans to put 800 or more wind turbines across the wild and beautiful mountains and countryside of Wales. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Monday, May 13, 2013

Batsworthy Cross near Exmoor

 No local community could have fought harder to stop the Batsworthy Cross Wind farm - so much for the government's talk of Localism. Virtually the only supporters the Wind Farm had were a few members of the North Devon Green Party (mostly from 20 or 30 miles away) and this is how their Party was rewarded for its support of the Wind Farm in the recent South Molton Rural Council Election results (this is the area that includes Batsworthy Cross)

L'Anne Knight (Green Party, Rule Six Party supporting the Wind Farm at the Public Inquiry) 90 votes.

J. Yabsley (Conservative who voted against the wind farm at the North Devon Council Planning Committee meeting)                                                                                                                1419 votes

B Hockin (UKIP -who were a Rule Six party against the wind farm at the Public Inquiry)       696 votes

When is David Cameron going to start listening to the people who live in the countryside, instead of "Green" lobbyists for the Wind Industry? Even popular Conservative and Lib Dem Councillors who have opposed local wind farms must know that their votes will carry on haemorraging away, unless David Cameron and Nick Clegg think again on this issue. Most UKIP candidates were standing for the first time, and many had little time to campaign, but they polled way ahead of the Greens all across North Devon and Torridge.   More and more wind farm campaigners - whatever party they may have voted for previously - are beginning to vote for UKIP,  the only party that has a leader who is not afraid to say it as it is about Big Wind.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Important Meeting for all who care about rural Devon

Dartmoor from North Tawton - this wonderful view is still threatened by nine giant wind turbines.

Here is a message from Muriel Goodman and Mike Hulme of the Den Brook Judicial Review Group

"You may already be aware that a fresh planning application was submitted April 19 to West Devon Borough Council (WDBC) by developers RES regarding the Den Brook Wind Farm. 

The application proposes significant changes to the hard-won noise conditions imposed by the Inspector on the planning approval in December 2009.  

The application number is 00393/2013.                                                                                                                                    
It can be viewed by putting the number into the online planning search:

It is the view of the Den Brook Judicial Review Group (DBJRG) that, if approved, RES's proposals would leave those living in the locality with neither proper nor adequate protection from potentially health damaging noise, particularly during night-times. We further believe this application confirms that the wind farm is not only poorly designed and inappropriately located but that construction of the wind farm is unlikely to be viable without the developer significantly changing the noise conditions.

The application contains a range of deceptively hidden and serious technical shortcomings and may be unlawful. Ideally, professionally backed representations need to be submitted to WDBC along with general comments from individuals. Professional expertise and legal advice will of course cost money. 

An open public meeting is therefore to be held Friday 10 May at 7:45pm at Nichols Nymet House, EX20 2BP - Tel: 01837 82626.

We apologise for the unavoidably short notice but very much hope that you will be able to attend the meeting. Your support is vital for the action necessary to defend the current noise conditions. 

Thank you for your continued support."

Friday, March 8, 2013

Nick Lukey

The photographer Nick Lukey contacted us recently, and we are setting up a page about him and his work on the website.  It will be online in a few days time.

Until then, you can see more of his work here:

Friday, February 22, 2013

Mynydd y Gwair

This painting by David Bellamy was one of the first to be shown on our website. The fight to save Mynydd y Gwair has lasted for many years  (you can read more here:

Last week, Swansea Council gave the wind farm (16 turbines, 127 m high) the go-ahead. 

"More than 60 campaigners packed the public gallery for the debate by a Swansea Council committee which heard views both for and against the controversial scheme.

One of those who spoke was Glyn Morgan, chairman of Save Our Common Mountain Environment, who claimed 87 per cent of people in the local community were opposed to the scheme.

"It would be sacrilege to develop on Mynydd y Gwair," he said.

He stated that red kites had successfully moved into the area and there were two breeding nests, and that the land had grazing rights with 120 commoners with flocks of sheep and also cattle.

The land was also popular with walkers, horse riders and people flying model aircraft, he added.

He urged the council to "make the people  proud to be citizens of Swansea and oppose the development"."

You can read more here:

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ammun Lucca

Ammun Luca,  the sculptor, lives in NSW Australia, and his work will soon be highlighted on www.artistsagainstwind

Ammun's website is:

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Save the Shetland Islands

Judicial Review Financial appeal

From the Sustainable Shetland website:

Financial appeal

Viking windfarm: Judicial Review

From 29th January a request for a Judicial Review brought by Sustainable Shetland is to be heard at the Edinburgh Court of Session. We believe Scottish Ministers acted unlawfully in consenting to the Viking Windfarm without a Public Local Inquiry.
Our 800+ members have contributed and raised funds to help cover our legal costs, but we need more.

Please go to this link below to find out more about how to help:

If this wind farm goes ahead, the people of Shetland will be living in a wind farm made up of 103 giant turbines. The tranquility and beauty of the Islands will be a thing of the past. The wild life and the environment will suffer, and all this destruction will be for little real gain except to those who who make money from the project.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Important news from Australia

"This television report was broadcast within the last 24 hours. It makes compelling viewing. It marks an unprecedented move by the Environmental Protection Agency in South Australia to begin testing residences near Waterloo wind farm. The investigation will include the measurement of infrasound and low frequency noise, down to 0.25 Hz, inside and outside homes, with “on off” testing. It will require the cooperation and provision of operational data which wind development operators have so far refused to provide to any independent researchers, anywhere in the world."

Read more and see the video at this link:

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Simon Jenkins

"We can count hard cash, but what is the value of beauty?

In planning, defenders of nature are 'nimbies', opponents 'vandals'. To end the shouting match we need a new language"

Read more here:

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Crucial Point

Following President Obama's speech yesterday James Delingpole has highlighted the crucial point about virtually all political action made so far against climate change - so far it has always made matter worse, for everyone, and been completely counter productive as far as reducing CO2 emissions.

 President Obama:

 "We will respond to the threat of climate change, knowing that the failure to do so would betray our children and future generations. Some may still deny the overwhelming judgment of science, but none can avoid the devastating impact of raging fires, and crippling drought, and more powerful storms."

James Delingpole:

 "The first sentence is a blatant untruth. Concerted global action so far to deal with the threat of climate change has resulted in: higher energy prices; more deaths from fuel poverty; more intrusive regulation; the destruction of rainforests and the squandering of agricultural land on biofuels; higher food prices; famine and food riots – as a result partly of the drive for biofuels; the entrenchment of corporatism and rent-seeking to the detriment of free markets; the ravaging of the countryside with ugly solar farms and even uglier wind turbines; the deaths of millions of birds and bats; the great recession. How any of this has in any way benefited either our children (who are going to find it far harder to find a job) or future generations is a complete mystery."

Monday, January 21, 2013

Professor David Bellamy

Cartoon by Graham Lang


An appreciation on his 80th birthday 18 January 2013
written by Alison Chapman , Co-ordinator, Galloway Landscape And Renewable 
Energy (GLARE) on behalf of us all 

David Bellamy is one of nicest people you could hope to meet. He gained our affections during the heyday of his tv appearances but in recent years he has also won our admiration and respect for his principled stand against the destruction of our countryside by the erection of wind power stations. And he has been a constant friend and inspiration to many, especially small local protest groups, who couldn't believe their luck to have such a giant ally.
Happy Birthday, David and lots of love and so many thanks from us all  was launched on Blackcraig Hill back in 2005, and David Bellamy was there to support us.