Monday, October 26, 2009

Another photograph from Marion Chapman

This photograph was titled Dragon. It is one of many photographs that Marion has sent us from the Barrier Ranges in New South Wales, Australia.

We have set up an extra page on the artistsagainstwindfarms website to highlight the threat to this unique area. Here is the link:

A German energy company wants to build a 282 turbine windpower station there, with an extra 316 turbines to be added later.

This area isn't only famous for its wildlife. You can read more about the city of Broken Hill, famous as a centre for artists, with its rich cultural heritage on wikipedia,

Here is another link with more information about the area:


Bubble's Mama said...

Love the idea! Will pass the message out to the Canadian wind warriors here. I'm a mosaic artist and I'll put some thought into doing a piece.

Bubble's Mama said...

From Ontario Canada: You might be interested in these posts on our website. An unknown artist planted 86 hands (representing the 86 turbines) praying and throwing rocks at the turbines. The mayor called it "vandalism" and had them unceremoniously ripped out in the middle of the night.