Friday, January 29, 2010

The March of The Tripods

This is St. Peter's Church, built by St Cedd in AD 654 at Bradwell, Essex. It is one of the oldest churches in the country, and was painted for us by Anne Pluckrose during the 2005 "Paint it while it's there" Day.

The people of Bradwell have campaigned valiantly to save this unique peninsula from industrial blight but it seems that they have lost their long battle to stop the remorseless destruction being imposed upon their much-loved village. The government is determined to have its way, and giant Tripod-like structures striding across the last unspoilt areas of England, Scotland and Wales will be its appalling legacy. (If you have not read John Christopher's book, and are too young to remember the television series about the Tripods, there may be a film coming out in 2012, by which time the resemblance will become clear to all who live in turbine dominated areas.)

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And to learn more about what is about to be lost, go to this page (made in 2005, about the "Paint it while it's there" Day) on

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