Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nuclear and wind

The EUReferundum blog has a posting today that spells out so clearly what an impossible position our politicians have put us in, if we care about the future of our country and its energy supplies, which are crucial to this.

The two main parties both advocate nuclear and wind, and the third seems to be pro-wind and anti-nuclear. They have all swallowed the wind spin, and want to spend, spend, spend (despite the fact that we are badly in debt) in order to meet the pointless EU targets that Tony Blair signed Britain up to before he left office.

On this issue, the only party that is worth voting for is UKIP, and yet to do so risks giving the Election to Labour, the party that signed us up to these European targets, and gave our freedom away by refusing to give us a Referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.

EUReferendum have some other good postings on wind and nuclear as well...

includes mention of the RSPB, who support many wind farm applications (but how can you believe that they are unbiased after reading Christopher Booker's article in which he points out that that "The RSPB receives £10 from the wind-farm builder Scottish & Southern Energy for every customer signing up for electricity under its “RSPB Energy” scheme. "

about small nuclear reactors, suitable for towns, exceptionally safe, and able to deal with peak load requirements as well as base load.

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