Friday, April 30, 2010

The Leader's Debate

Artists against windfarms is non-political, and we have been joined by artists from all political persuasions.

Campaigners in Devon, for example, have been supported strongly in the fight against the industrialisation of Devon by local MPs Nick Harvey ( LibDem) and Geoffrey Cox (Conservative) as well as Nigel Farage (while UKIP Leader).

It is in fact hardly surprising that many politicians - from all parties - come out against wind turbines when they happen to be in their own constituencies, whatever the party leaderships may think about the matter.

The Wind Turbine topic was raised briefly during the Leader's Debate on the BBC last night, and here is an amusing comment regarding this by Damian Thompson on the Telegraph Leader's Debate LiveBlog:

It begins: "I can’t believe that Nick Clegg was stupid enough to launch into a hymn of praise to wind turbines."

To read more go to the Blog and scroll down to the 9.19 entry.

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