Friday, May 21, 2010

The Scotsman

Good for the Scotsman, telling its readers what their country will look like if the madness continues, and how much the devastation will cost them.

In a part of last Sunday's Countryfile, John Craven went to Orkney and the excerpt about this illustrated another horror - wave power didn't seem so benign either, as fishermen and an artist there pointed out. You can still see this on bbciplayer. Prepare yourself for something that looks nearly as horrific as wind turbines - imagine going in search of peace and tranquility to the loneliest and wildest parts of the world, only to be faced by seas covered with these monstrosities.

Why is that "political Greens" - driven by their anti-nuclear stance above their love for the natural world - will always choose renewables first, no matter how much environmental degradation they cause? Or how much it will cost - remembering electricity costs fall hardest on the poor.

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