Thursday, July 1, 2010

No wind means no power

Do you remember how Eigg was hailed as Britain's first "green island"? The island of Eigg was to give us a foretaste of our own "Green" future - something akin to what Chris Huhne, the Energy Secretary for the Coalition Government, seems to see as the way forward for Britain, perhaps?

Well, on the island they experiencing a foretaste of all our futures, and having to use old-fashioned diesel generators to keep the power on, because there is not enough wind. You can read more about it in this Telegraph article by John Bingham.

How many more of those "myths about wind power" will turn out to be true?

And, oh yes, despite what those who support wind power will tell you, there are days when there is hardly wind anywhere in Britain, or even across Europe, and they usually occur in the winter when it is very cold and we need power to heat ourselves, or in the heat of summer, when we need air conditioning.

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