Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Up on Fullabrook Down last Sunday

I went up on to the Fullabrook Down Wind farm site on Sunday. it wasn't a great day for taking photographs, cloudy with poor visibility much of the time, but I took some video clips as well, which will be uploaded later.
This photograph was taken between the positions of turbine s 6 and 10 on this map:

If you click on the button between turbines 9 and 12 you can see a painting I did of a sheep and her lambs, on the hill as it was before the diggers moved in. (Apologies for the fact that one or two of the links no longer work, it needs updating)
Christine Lovelock

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Anonymous said...

thanx for info really helped me with my homework,cause wre doing work on fullabrook wind farm and we have to look up facts,well my class dose,it was great,thanx