Thursday, March 10, 2011

Remember the Whales

A good article here by Larry Bell titled Wind energy's overblown prospects.

Larry Bell is a Professor at the University of Houston. My sister Jane and I were students there, many years ago, and still have fond memories of days spent in the Cougar Den. So, as someone who was led a Save The Whales protest back in 1970, before it was fashionable, I was especially pleased when I noticed that he mentioned the risk off-shore turbines might cause to whales. On reflection, I am not sure if he was taking this so seriously, but the article makes many good points.

For anyone who is concerned about whales, we have already highlighted several articles about whales and underwater noise on this blog, and he gives a link to a lawsuit filed by environmental groups that accuse the Obama administration of violating the Endangered Species Act with its approval of the Cape Wind Project in Nantucket Sound.

Christine Lovelock

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