Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The police move in on Green activists trying to save forest

This morning we had a message from Peter Skeel Hjorth that at 5.20 o´clock am 50 police officers began to take away the activists
from the blockade, arresting six of them. One activist who crawled up in a tree is still sitting there, but the authorities have started to
cut down the forest. Peter also sent us this link:


Here is a link to the same page translated on Google Translate (not speaking Danish, we can't vouch for its accuracy, but it seems to make sense!):


Here is a short paragraph from the translation:
"Amos Spener sits so far safe from the police. A policeman tried earlier to get him down, but failed at first.

Nature Agency has started to fell the trees around the tree where Amos Spener sit. "

Well, if the translation is correct, you can't help wondering if the translation software has a sense of irony in regard to the second sentence. Perhaps the Danish cartoonist, mentioned on our Facebook page on Sunday, Jens Hage will be inspired to produce another cartoon about wind turbines.

Here is a link to earlier photographs ( by Aleksaner Sønder)
of the protest as well:


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