Friday, December 30, 2011

Wind turbines and racehorses

Tony McCoy - BBC Sports Personality of the year last year - has halted plans to build a £2m racing stable until he is sure that a wind turbine won’t be erected close to where his horses would exercise. Here is a quote from the above article:

"McCoy has stressed to the council that 25 jobs and £2m of investment would be lost to the area should he pull out altogether."

You can also read this in The Telegraph online:

The Lambourn area is one of our most famous centres of excellence for racehorse training. Where one turbine comes, more nearly always follow. How many more jobs could be at risk if this wind turbine is allowed, and where will it end? Long Run, current Gold Cup favourite, is trained in Nicky Henderson's Lambourn yard, and is said to be a "fizzy" character, which is why he wears ear plugs in his races. He is a typical example of the kind of horse who could be spooked by a wind turbine. Racehorses are not family pets and they support a nationwide industry, that not only provides jobs but also gives great pleasure to so many people.

There are racing stables all across Britain, and if Chris Huhne gets his way there will be more and more wind turbines close to them. After all, by their nature, racing stables are usually situated in open countryside, close to hills. Will it be Lambourn first, and Ditcheat next?

Studies have shown that for every Green job that is created, 2.2 or more are lost, and this is a perfect example.

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