Monday, January 21, 2013

Professor David Bellamy

Cartoon by Graham Lang


An appreciation on his 80th birthday 18 January 2013
written by Alison Chapman , Co-ordinator, Galloway Landscape And Renewable 
Energy (GLARE) on behalf of us all 

David Bellamy is one of nicest people you could hope to meet. He gained our affections during the heyday of his tv appearances but in recent years he has also won our admiration and respect for his principled stand against the destruction of our countryside by the erection of wind power stations. And he has been a constant friend and inspiration to many, especially small local protest groups, who couldn't believe their luck to have such a giant ally.
Happy Birthday, David and lots of love and so many thanks from us all  was launched on Blackcraig Hill back in 2005, and David Bellamy was there to support us. 

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