Friday, August 21, 2009

Found on the web - a Shetland artist's vision of the future

Just discovered today is Paul Bloomer's website, with his windfarm series, which is his response to the Shetland Wind farm proposals. His woodcuts are full of the foreboding that all of us who love the few remaining wild places left in the world feel when we hear the words "wind farm."

Read also his letter, which describes feelings and nightmares shared by so many of us.

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awwolfe said...

I was glad to discover YOU today. Posted your site to my Cohocton Wind Watch Facebook page, as well as one of Mr. Bloomer's works. CWW also has a web page:
It's run by a friend, but I can't see Jim incorporating art anytime soon -- he isn't wired that way.
I'd love to keep in touch, don't know if you do Facebook, but you can always reach me at
Glad to find you, Amy Wolfe
(Please don't post my email address)