Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Wind Farm Scam - now on Amazon

This book by Dr John Etherington - which is rapidly becoming a best seller - is now on Amazon. On amazon., read the Reviews, especially one by artist Jenny Keal (see more about her on the website she shares with her husband David Bellamy). Jenny says that (quote) "The Wind Farm Scam answered all my questions, it laid out in clear, easy to follow tables and charts the reason why we should stop building wind turbines today."

There is also a link on the Amazon page to a Forum, with Discussion on the subject: Forget Climate Change, it's energy shortages we need to worry about.

This discussion is important because whatever your position on climate change might be, wind power is not the answer to the problem of what to do about it. As Jon Boone says in his review of the book on (quote) "... wind technology mirrors the subprime mortgage scams that wreaked havoc with the American economy". Jon is another artist whose work can be seen on the website

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