Saturday, April 3, 2010

E Bay

To anyone who missed the comment on a recent posting (about Costing the Earth) a reminder that there is a sculpture on EBay highlighting the damage wind farms do to birds. Do look - only 7 hours to go!

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Anonymous said...

Bird deaths caused by wind turbines account for 1/10th unnatural bird deaths. At least 100 times more birds are killed by windows, does that mean we should stop building houses? No.
With increasing population we have to get our energy from somewhere!
What about the environmental damage fossil fuelled powerstations do, and landfill sites? Would you rather have that instead of a windfarm which provides clean renewable energy? The countryside could do a lot worse than wind energy. The 'not in my backyard' argument springs to mind when I see websites like this. I live in the countryside too and I wouldnt mind a whole windfarm in my garden if it means we can prevent a whole load of carbon destroying our atmosphere and according to research in the UK 70-80% of the public would agree with me. I am environmental scientist and can tell you that the benefits far outweigh the costs.