Sunday, March 27, 2011

Coming to a hill near you...?

Another short clip showing what happens when they build a wind farm. They have to lay down roads, to bear the weight of the heavy construction vehicles. On either side of Burland Lane, the ancient drovers track between Ilfracombe and Braunton, roads have been constructed. This was filmed at a point where they had made an opening through both sides of the lane, so that they could drive across it.
If you live in the countryside, the chances are that this could be happening in the future to your hill, or your moor, or your valley, too, wherever you are.
More photos and videos to come, look for them on YouTube.

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An Educated Person said...

Oh no, not a road! If you people had any shred of education and appreciation of the challenges facing the Earth as a whole, yes I am refering to Climate Change, then you would be welcoming renewable technologies with open arms and praising them.

Without wind farms more fossil fuels, which I don't know if you're aware are running out, would be burnt and create far worse problems for the countryside than a simple low hum, that if you simply close your window, you can't even hear.

What a waste of Internet space...

An Educated Person

If this comment isn't approved, well congratulations on your censorship of the real truth.