Friday, June 24, 2011

Last weekend for Art Trek

This is a great event, and a chance to visit artists in their studios. I was one of the first artists involved in the Art Trek, and after I organised it in the second year, Stella Levy took over from then until now. Several other Art Trek artists have been supportive of our campaigns, so if you live near one of our venues (or feel like a longer trek around some more) do come along. Many of us are doing tea and cakes as well. There is no pressure to buy - this is a friendly event, with free entry, and a chance to meet and talk with artists, usually in their own studios.
The North Devon Festival were also very supportive when I did my walk round Devon's wind farm sites back in 2006 and this is the last week of the Festival as well, which lights up June in North Devon even on a cold wet month like this one has been, so do please check out their website as well.
The campaigners in the South Molton area will be celebrating - at least for the moment, since the developers may appeal - but even more support is needed in the Torridge area, where the quiet and beautiful countryside around West Putford, Meddon, and the East Youldstone, close to Morwenstow across the Cornish border, is also under threat. So if you have the chance, do visit the West Gallery, to show your support - and see the work of Art Trek artist Rob Walker as well work by some other well-known artists.

Christine Lovelock

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