Friday, February 10, 2012

ITV last night

There was a programme last night on ITV called "The cost of going Green". It was good that they raised the subject but frustrating to watch, as they were not very critical of claims about wind power. For example, they went to the island of Eigg, and talked about the way the island is self-supporting in electricity, but failed to mention the fact that when there was a drought with little wind, the islanders had to go back to using generators (

It's now on iplayer:


Jan said...

Bother, I meant to watch that programme!

Anonymous said...

Eigg has now invested in A solar bank which has improved the energy capacity but more importantly provides a greater level of smoothing in the supply. In order to incorporate larger penetration of intermittent renewables such as wind, a diverse range both in terms of geography and technology is probably required. This will improve the security and reliability of the energy supply. The Dukes report from the DECC is full of information that you may find interesting.