Friday, February 17, 2012

Two of the four people who run the Coalition have family links to the wind industry

Two of the four people who run the Coalition government have family members who have made money out of the wind industry.

Read this post below from ConservativeHome
(we all know the two are, of course, but we may not have known just how powerful they are)

Imagine if they had similar links to the coal or oil industries!

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Anonymous said...

The subsidy for wind farms is an utter disgrace. We are all forced to pay this subsidy on our electricty bills and on those of British industry. There are 5,5 million British people in fuel poverty already. All over the UK there are groups protesting about wind farm devlopments, but with two leaders of the coalition making money from the scam they are just turning a deaf ear.

Google petition 22704 to reduce the subsidy for wind farms and vote. Please send it round to friends and family too.