Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Save the Shetland Islands

Judicial Review Financial appeal

From the Sustainable Shetland website:

Financial appeal

Viking windfarm: Judicial Review

From 29th January a request for a Judicial Review brought by Sustainable Shetland is to be heard at the Edinburgh Court of Session. We believe Scottish Ministers acted unlawfully in consenting to the Viking Windfarm without a Public Local Inquiry.
Our 800+ members have contributed and raised funds to help cover our legal costs, but we need more.

Please go to this link below to find out more about how to help:

If this wind farm goes ahead, the people of Shetland will be living in a wind farm made up of 103 giant turbines. The tranquility and beauty of the Islands will be a thing of the past. The wild life and the environment will suffer, and all this destruction will be for little real gain except to those who who make money from the project.

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