Thursday, April 14, 2011

Blimp flying

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If you live in the Highlands or are visiting there:
a blimp should be flying today, at the turbine height of 490 ft /149.5m, from land adjacent to Blairmore Forest (the maker on the map comes from using the post code on the Druim-ba-sayno website so we cannot vouch for its accuracy but it appears to be in the right place).

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John G said...

Blimp flew well but only for one day. The effect was pretty devastating. The photos will be on the druimba-sayno web site soon. In the meantime and click on Blimp

John G said...

We need help. DBSE and their PR company are flooding Highland Council Planning with letters of support saying how they will help energy needs and how nice they look and how tourists will come to see them. Please make you views known by email to both Energy Consents and Highland Council. Adresses on
Highland Council are a consultee and we don't want any excuse for them to support the developers by not objecting as they did at Dumnaglass. Photos of the Blimp flights also on our web site