Friday, April 29, 2011

Save the D-Day Beaches

Lord of the dance, a watercolour by Angela Kelly

Please sign the international petition:

NO to windfarms off the D-Day beaches - go to to sign the petition, and add your comment if you can.

This is the comment that Angela Kelly, artist and Chairman of Country Guardian, left after she had signed the petition:

"I am 82 years old and knew young men who went to fight in France including some who did not return. My late husband, an architect, was in the Royal Engineers and fought in the Battle of Caen. He cared deeply for the environment and was committed to the battle against industrial wind farms till he died in1999. An electricity supply that imposes great damage on the environment and its ecology, needs a secure back-up supply, but doesn't produce power when you need it is worse than useless. Shame on the French government that they don't respect the memory of the thousands who gave their lives. I continue to campaign."

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