Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Irish Sea Eagle killed by Turbine


It is hard to keep track of all the beautiful and lonely places in the world that are being spoiled by the wind power industry.

This was such a precious area of South West Ireland, it is a shock to learn there are turbines here too.

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John G said...

At Fairburn, by Dingwall, they recorded only one fatality. It happened to be a Kite fitted with a radio tracking device. From our farm about six miles away we always saw three to six kites flying. Now it is rare to see one. Make up your own opinions but I would suggest that the two issues are related. RSPB treat wind farm attrition as accidents. Very convenient especially as they are putting the blame for the drop in numbers of raptors on keepers poisoning them. The keepers I know around here are very proud of their raptors and mention that the guests get great pleasure from seeing them. Yes, there will be the one rotten apple, but on the whole I put the blame on the bird blenders!