Monday, November 2, 2009

Brechfa and Lanllwni

This important article by Andrew Gilligan in The Telegraph today highlights the plight of campaigners in these small villages near Carmarthen.

How many people have realised that these new planning rules give the IPC huge powers? It can - according to the article - "grant not just planning permission but also the power to compulsorily seize private property, close roads and footpaths and extinguish Green Belt protection."

And even more chilling, quoting again from the article:

"Indeed, if a developer is eyeing up your land for some new scheme, the IPC can grant that developer access to it – even allow him to dig “exploratory” holes in it – before planning permission has even been applied for, let alone given. "

It was Andrew Gilligan who exposed the Government over its briefing on weapons of mass destruction, and was named Journalist of the year in 2008. He asks now whether these new and undemocratic planning laws are "the new poll tax"?

Here is a link to the Mynydd LLansadwrn Action Group website.

And Artistsagainstwindfarms webpage and Cambrian Mountains Society website about Nant-y-Moch, also threatened (more to come) by the IPC.

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