Monday, November 16, 2009

The truth is coming out - the real cost of wind power exposed.

An article in the Sunday Express yesterday by Eugene Henderson exposes the true cost of generating electricity by wind - at times it will cost 3,000 per cent more than conventional power! This information comes from an internal National Grid document, and vindicates much of what anti-wind farm campaigners have been saying for years.

Do read this article, and spread the word!

Back in August we mentioned that the Tax Payers Alliance had highlighted the extent of government funded lobbying by groups such as the Sustainable Development Commission and Friends of the Earth (all of them could as easily be called Friends of Wind Turbines)

Remembering those EU targets for renewables that Tony Blair signed us up for just before he left office, we recommend another visit to their website, where you can see their new cinema advert about the costs of the EU to all of us in Britain.

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