Sunday, November 29, 2009

Why Beauty matters

The quote (below) comes from an article by Simon Jenkins that was one of the inspirations behind the Artists Against Wind Farms website:

"In the calculus of beauty, I would pit the hills of Cumbria, the coast of Devon and Cornwall, the Pennine uplands and the mountains of Wales against any Constable, Gainsborough or Stubbs. .." read more here

The programme "Why Beauty matters", presented by philosopher Roger Scruton, is described on the BBC iplayer website as a "a provocative essay on the importance of beauty in the arts and in our lives."

It is indeed an interesting and thought provoking programme, and relevant in so many ways to everything that we stand for. It is fascinating therefore to find that at about three minutes into the programme, after Roger Scruton says (quote) "Our world has turned its back on beauty, and because of that, we find ourselves surrounded by ugliness and alienation...." there on the screen we see a giant industrial wind turbine.

The programme is available on iplayer until 5th December.

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wind4me said...

so I guess U would endorse Dirty Polluting COAL around the world since U cannot see Clean Green Wind Turbines??? Some of U nimbies are just plain ludicrous!

Endorse COAL and put down Wind Power, yep, U got alot of ''artistry'' around beautiful dirty COAL!